Mik Deboes studied music education at the Lemmensinstitute in Leuven (B). In The Singing Bridge he is responsible for the musical interpretation and conducting. He specializes in accompanying on the piano and guitar in diverse folk music styles. He also makes arrangements for choir and small ensembles.

Mik Deboes presently conducts the vocal ensemble Caleidoscoop and the mixed choir Orpheus in Leuven. He regularly leads World Music workshops at Wisper and other cultural institutions. As a singer and song writer he built up a predominantly Dutch repertoire.

Mik Deboes
Coosemansstraat 36
B-3010 Kessel-Lo 
Tel/fax 016 26 13 91


Veerle de Leyn has a Masters Degree in Translation (Dutch, English and German) and teaches Dutch as a second language. She specializes in the structure and sound world of many other languages.

In The Singing Bridge Veerle de Leyn does research work on the cultural, historical and geographic background of the songs and is in charge of translation, pronunciation and text interpretation. She lives in Germany and is the leader of singing groups of the ‘Klingende Brücke’ in Hannover, Essen and Cologne (Nippes).

Veerle de Leyn
Plutostrasse 90
D-45888 Gelsenkirchen
Tel. 0049 209 879095


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